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Welcome to the Learning Aid Inorganic Resource — The LAIR at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

How to use The LAIR:

  • Get extra practice on a particular concept. Use the “Concepts” drop-down menu to select the topic you are interested in.
  • See material in a different way. Use the “Resources by Type” drop-down menu to find entries organized by type: choose from videos, interactive websites, and more.
  • Explore applications in energy research. Click on the “Energy Research” button.
  • Have some fun with inorganic chemistry. Explore by clicking on the “Fun with Science!” button.
  • Participate! Do you have a resource or video that would be a good fit in the LAIR? Send it to Dr. Nevins!


This website was built for CHEM 251. It is a collaborative effort: it will only flourish when the instructor, students, and graduate research coordinators work together to find the most useful (and most fun) resources out there.


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