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Welcome to the Learning Aid Inorganic Resource — The LAIR at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

How to use The LAIR:

  • Get extra practice on a particular concept. Use the “Concepts” drop-down menu to select the topic you are interested in.
  • See material in a different way. Use the “Resources by Type” drop-down menu to find entries organized by type: choose from videos, interactive websites, and more.
  • Explore applications in energy research. Click on the “Energy Research” button.
  • Have some fun with inorganic chemistry. Explore by clicking on the “Fun with Science!” button.
  • Participate! Do you have a resource or video that would be a good fit in the LAIR? Send it to Dr. Nevins!


This website was built for CHEM 251. It is a collaborative effort: it will only flourish when the instructor, students, and graduate research coordinators work together to find the most useful (and fun) resources out there.


One Response to “Welcome to the LAIR”

  1. Houston Lish

    I found this very helpful when learning how to solve the problems asking for radius, density, volume, side length, etc. of FCC and BCC atoms.


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