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Periodic Table Practice

April 2, 2015

Click here to practice testing your recall of the periodic table:

The site provides one blank at a time in the periodic table for the user to complete. Elements of atomic number higher than radon are not quizzed but shown on the table for completion (lanthanides are also excluded).

A clock is given in the bottom corner for reference. Note the time you start to keep track of how much time it takes you to fill in several blanks. The site will track your number of correct and incorrect responses as you work.

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Molecular Orbital Diagram Practice

February 15, 2015

University of Sydney has created a practice website for reviewing different parts of molecular orbital diagrams. Using this resource you can add pieces to pre-drawn MO diagrams for over 20 different molecules.

The site includes opportunities to practice filling in electrons, attaching the names/symbols of MOs, and matching orbital overlap drawings to MOs.

Give them a try here:

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ChemEd DL Model 3D

February 1, 2015

Student recommended post:

In this Chemical Education Digital Library Models 3D a molecule viewing program is integrated that allows you to view symmetry elements for a selection of different molecules.

Additionally the program allows for visualization for molecule vibrations & stretches, bond angles & lengths, electrostatic potentials and molecular orbital images.

View here:

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